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Karate is the practice and development of blocking and striking techniques for the purpose of self defence, health and self development within a specified code of behaviour allied to particular oriental cultural practices. 

Movements are short, sharp and linear, with blocks being used to ward off an attack, followed by counter attacks to discourage further aggression.  There are many spectacular techniques of destruction, but there are also many lesser known techniques which are beneficial to health. 

Besides being an excellent form of self defence, karate is also a thrilling competitive sport.  Regular training in karate not only improves the body's physical stamina and suppleness but also produces the mental calm and assurance which comes from knowing you can defend yourself.

Classes in Dunstable

The Club Instructor

The Dunstable Club is run by the Chief Instructor himself, Mr G. Sahota,

Classes are held on a Saturday morning and Tuesday evenings

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